SNMP Managers, Agents and MIBs


Most clients in the broadcast and communications industries demand Simple Network Management Protocol support. Omatic has extensive experience in the design and implementation of MIBs, SNMP agents and managers for use within the broadcast, communications and defence industries.

MIB Design

The Management Information Base is in many respects one of the most difficult aspects of designing an SNMP based system. The MIB forms a contract between the agent (server) and manager (client) software and is frequently referred to in legal contracts too. The designer has to take into account many factors including (but not limited to) ease of extension, speed of operation, reuse, ease of implementation and complexity of the agent or management system. Omatic has designed many MIBs and implemented even more for use in a range of industries.

Embedded SNMP Agents

Omatic has developed SNMP agents on a variety of PIC, Freescale and ARM based platforms for the broadcast and communications industries with and without RTOS support. These are normally the principal interfaces for the device from the point of view of the control system.

Retrofitted SNMP agents

In a similar way to our web server upgrade we can add SNMP to an existing product, including design and implementation of the MIB.

Management Systems

Omatic has designed and implemented management systems on Windows and Linux platforms.