Web Servers

Embedded Web Servers

A web server has become an expectation of users of embedded devices, mostly relegating PC based user interfaces to history. Omatic has significant experience in the development of embedded system based web servers and the special techniques required to design them in the restricted memory and processing power of an embedded system.

Omatic has implemented embedded web servers on Freescale Coldfire and Arizona Microchip PIC based systems in addition to more conventional PC based servers.

Retrofitted web servers

To redesign an entire product to include a web interface may not be feasible but if it has a serial port Omatic can add a responsive, modern web interface via HTML5 and AJAX based in a surprisingly cost effective way. Other technologies such as the XML based SOAP can be included on the same platform to allow your device to be integrated and controlled using the Web industry standard protocols and techniques.

The web server can be little bigger than a serial connector and can optionally make use of power over Ethernet.